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Established in 1886 Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Known for a fresh, inspiring color palette with classic style, Thibaut offers unsurpassed quality and design in styles ranging from historic reproductions, toile, and chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. With an insightful knowledge of trends and what homeowners want, Thibaut consistently delivers uniquely designed collections, supported by excellent service. Run as a close-knit family oriented company every individual is dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction. Our representatives are always available to assist with any inquiry and will canvass other departments, including the design studio, to provide information. Working closely with customers to ensure satisfaction, our approach dictates that even the smallest problem is subject to review by upper management. Thibaut's design studio, warehouse and office operations are also combined in one location, enabling us to optimize our efficiency in serving customers. Thibaut's stock is continually reviewed to check on unusual inventory demands. This way, we successfully maintain stock levels and are able to ship the majority of orders the same day. Every order is shipped within 24 hours via UPS, ensuring our high quality products are also delivered quickly and reliably. Thibaut has established a niche for traditional designs that embrace classic styles and high quality art. The majority of collections feature Thibaut's signature color palette, which is bright and fresh while others focus on different colors to suit varied tastes and shifting market trends. The key to our success is the inspiration and effort that goes into every product we release.

Menswear Resource Thibaut

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Menswear Thibaut 839-T-1052

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Menswear Thibaut

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Технические Характеристики Обоев

   Размер:68,6 cm x 8,23 m
   Верхний слой:Легкий акрил
    Защита от выгоранияХорошая
Menswear Thibaut 839-T-1052

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